Understanding forensics can be murder.But not with this novel approach. The Forensic Mission will draw you into a suspenseful mystery while you delve into forensic science and its role in solving crimes. Investigating a string of homicides, you'll search for clues alongside detectives at crime scenes and process evidence alongside technicians in the crime lab. You'll consider aspects such as admissibility of evidence, blood spatter analysis, and more. Both an intriguing thriller and a forensics guidebook, The Forensic Mission:* Covers crime scene procedures, blood typing, DNA,fingerprints, ballistics, stages of decomposition,and more* Features recaps at the ends of many chapters withvocabulary and background information* Includes two appendixes of additional referencesand Web sites where you can explore chromatography,entomology, forensic pathology, gunshot wounds,and moreYou'll be enthralled while you learn in this riveting killer thriller that weaves together bookies, bullets, bodies, and science.

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