Generate greater profits while protecting your investments in the worlds largest marketMuch has changed since leading forex expert and educator James Dicks introduced retail investors to trading in the foreign exchange currency market. The markets daily turnover has grown considerably, and more and more traders are achieving financial success by trading currenciesmany thanks to Dickss advice. Now, in The Forex Edge, he warns you about the less-than-honest practices and elaborate schemes many brokers use to prevent prosperous traders from retaining their wealth.This cautionary book is the result of Dickss personal investigation into an assembly of forex brokers after a suspicious reversal of fortune forced him to close his trading account. It shows you how dishonest brokers pass themselves off as legitimate, the types of scams they run, and the ways you can use this information to your advantage. It outlines a straight-through process for taking more control over your trades to minimize your exposure to the risk of deceptive practices. With The Forex Edge at your fingertips, youll be armed with:Practical guidance for using popular automated trading systemsEffective approaches to back-testing with recommended software platformsExpert tips for spotting false and misleading information in online forumsProven strategies for profiting from options, hedging, swing trading, and trendsFrom how the forex works and how brokers make money to the most common ways traders lose moneythis accessible guide gives you everything you need to ensure your trading strategy draws maximum profits from the biggest financial market in the world. It features the same practical formulas and strategies Dicks uses to beat even the trickiest brokers.In todays forex market, you need more than a good trading strategy to survive. You need The Forex Edge.

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