Formulation of Appropriate Laws: A New Integrated Multidisciplinary Approach and an Application to Electronic Funds Transfer Regulation


The formulation of efficient laws (i.e., legal rule formulation) is a central issue in the study, practice and implementation of laws since efficient laws have profound positive social, economic political and welfare effects. This book has developed a new approach to the formulation of efficient laws with an illustrative application to electronic fund transfer regulation in Australia. Fragmented approaches to the formulation of laws such as comparative law analysis and welfare economic analysis of laws exist in the existing literature which are affected by laws is necessary in formulating efficient (socially desirable) laws. In this book, an integrated approach that embeds these 2 approaches as well as other considerations of other dimensions of human welfare is developed. This approach can be applied to formulate efficient laws, irrespective of social, political and economic organisations of the country under study, which maximise social welfare of the country.

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