Qt is one of the most influential graphical toolkits for the Linux operating system and is quickly being adopted on other platforms (Windows, Mac OS) as well. As the standard for the KDE desktop environment, it is a necessary learn for all Linux programmers. Qt is one of the "big two" desktop developments environments for Linux. As such, if a developer is writing an application that will be run on Linux, learning to develop in Qt is a must. As recent trends have demonstrated, The Linux Desktop is on the move and is now a viable alternative to Windows. As this desktop switch takes place in businesses across the world, more and more developers will begin developing applications with Qt. As mentioned, Qt is also a viable cross platform development toolkit, with high profile applications such as Adobe Photoshop Elements, Google Earth, Perforce Visual Client, and Skype all being developed with Qt.
Foundations of Qt Development takes the reader step by step through the complexities of Qt, laying the groundwork that allows the reader to make the step from novice to professional. This book is chocked full of real world examples that can be quickly integrated into a developer's project. While the reader is assumed to be a beginner at Qt development, they are required to have a working knowledge of C++ programming.

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