The purpose of the book is to accumulate the latest development in evaluation and management of sport-related concussions, including current assessment of acute traumatic brain injuries, pathophysiology, neuropsychology, sport psychology, biomechanics, neurological treatment and rehabilitation. The clinical significance of the book stems from the fact that injuries to the brain also are the most common catastrophic injuries and a leading cause of death in athletes. It has been estimated that in high school football alone, there are more than 250,000 incidents of mild traumatic brain injury each season, which translates into approximately 20% of all boys who participate in this sport. Multidisciplinary analyses of causes and consequences of concussion have never been accumulated in a single source and/or textbook, though the topic of concussion is currently included in most of the Kinesiology, Exercise and Sport Science, Neuropsychology, Athletic Training, Physical Therapy and Neuroscience programs.

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