All the best things that I did at Apple came from (a) not having money and (b) not having done it before, ever.
- Steve Wozniak, Apple
Founders at Work tells of the early struggles for independence and acceptance of many of modern technology's giants. Their stories are told through personal interviews that are at times hilarious, at times painful, but always inspiring. The personalities represented in this book are role models for all startup wannabes who are committed to their visions and want to know what the sacrifices (and excitement) are like.
The book will appeal to anyone with an interest in what goes on in a startup. Though broad, the audience is segmented into three groups:- Technologists: The core readership will be technologists, nearly all of whom will at some point have thought about starting or working for a startup. For these readers, the aim is to collect such a fund of experience that it becomes a standard reference for anyone thinking of getting involved in a startup- Businesspeople: People in the business world will want to read Founders at Work because the stories are about the essence of business. The corporate world is ever more interested in what makes startups so productive and innovative, as the existence of magazines like Business 2.0 shows- General public: These stories are dramatic and funny, and they're about people getting rich. So as human-interest stories they will appeal to the same audience that enjoys reading about the Google founders in PEOPLE magazine. For such an audience, these stories should be exceptionally interesting, because they're about the early stages, when the founders were younger and inexperienced. Most readers know startup founders only as confident millionaires; as novices trying to find their way by trial and error, they're more human, and easier for the reader to identify with

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