The French Revolution, 1790 and onwards. Spirited Chantel is furious with the leader of the revolutionaries, Captain Gautier, who takes over her estate, but though hating everything he stands for is strangely attracted to this saturnine man. She is courted by a French Comte and helps him escape from Gautier, adopting the disguise that is going to cover her tracks as she organises escape routes for her persecuted friends. She dresses as a man and earns the name of The Fox, and through a series of adventures she is threatened by the feared Chief of Police, who imprisons her in his fortress where she is groomed for his mistress, the beautiful and corrupt Voletta Delmar. The regime is brutal, with aristocrats going to the guillotine daily, and Chantel risks her life to save some of them, eventually escaping to Dieppe and an English ship that will take her home. But can she leave Gautier, and can she ever settle for the humdrum again with so much adventure on offer?

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