Premonition n.: pre-mo-ni-shun.Spine-tingling, gut churning feeling you get that you can see into the future where something is about to go horribly wrong!Look out, World. Fasten your seatbelts. Brian Hobble is back! He's survived all the weird stuff that happened last year when his favorite author, Lance Cummins visited his school. And now Cummins's bestselling book Zombie Squad has been turned into a hit TV show. Brian knows the monsters on the show aren't real, but before he knows it, he has to save his little brother from flesh-eating zombies, rollerblade off a ramp 17,000,000,000 miles high, and most terrifying of all, kiss a girl. He's not saying who she is yet. He'll never crack so don't even try breaking him. Prepare to be freaked. Very freaked!Be sure to look out for Richard Tulloch's other book, Weird Stuff!

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