Would you like to live with fear or without it? Joseph O'Connor's Free Yourself From Fears: Overcoming Anxiety and Living Without Worry shows you how to face fear head on. The twentieth century was known as the Age of Anxiety, and the opening of the twenty-first century, with its pervasive sense of unease, has officially ushered us all into the Age of Fear. In Free Yourself From Fears, Joseph O'Connor looks at the three main types of fear: unreal fears, useful fears and cultural fears. It is our inability to get beyond these three basic types of fear that prevents us from leading richer, more fulfilling lives. Using his master NLP training, O'Connor looks at specific examples, including the fear of flying, fear of snakes and fear of other people's opinions, to illustrate dozens of practical exercises and techniques for overcoming fear and enriching your life. From financial worries to social anxiety, from public speaking to personal safety, Free Yourself From Fears show us how to unlearn our fears and find emotional freedom. This practical, hands-on book will help you to know when to trust and when not to trust, how to develop your intuition to stay safe when there is real danger, how to deal with worry and change in light of an uncertain future and, most importantly, to be in the here and now, living your life to the fullest. Free Yourself From Fears includes dozens of insightful methods for achieving your best, avoiding anxiety and living without worry. CONTENTS PART ONE: OUR EXPERIENCE OF FEAR What is Fear? Fear--Friend or Foe? Learning and Unlearning Fear The Language of Fear PART TWO: UNREAL FEAR--FEAR AS FOE Fear in Time Common Fears that Hold Us Hostage Unquiet Times and Turbulent Minds Social Fears The Pressure to Achieve: The pRice of Perfection Dealing with Change: The Uncertain Future PART THREE: AUTHENTIC FEAR--FEAR AS FRIEND Fear as a Sign to Take Action How We Assess Safety and Risk Acting on Fear: When to Heed the Warning Trust and Intuition: Your Two Guides PART FOUR: FINDING FREEDOM--TECHNIQUES TO OVERCOME YOUR FEARS The Value Behind Fear Dealing with Fear in the Body Dealing with Fear in the Mind Freedom from Social Anxiety Emotional Freedom: Here and Now

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