Good, the bad, and the ugly and still be embraced?"If only such friendships were easy to find. And keep. For Lisa Whelchel and millions of others, friendship is a challenge. The vulnerability, trust, balance, grace, and time required to develop and maintain strong friendships do not come easily.Growing up as an actress in Hollywood, there were few people Lisa could trust, and even fewer to guide her. By the time she reached adulthood, she had learned to be self-suffi cient. She was strong, she was "safe," and she was lonely. One day, Lisa found that "the desire to experience connection was strongerthan the desire to be safe." She determined right then to fi nally understand friendship: how to create one, sustain it, and experience the sheer joy of having it. But it wasn't easy. Since then, she has traveled the ups and downs of friendship, learning about herself, others, and the kinds of friendship God designed. A speaker, teacher, and compelling storyteller, Lisa writes from her heart andher head, sharing her story and helping women understand how to cope with the strengths and weaknesses of friendship, and basing all her advice on the foundation of our ultimate relationship with the Savior.Lisa's story is heartfelt and compelling. SheExplores the thorny topic of women's friendships with honesty, emotion, and practical insight. Forthose who've grown up in strong friendships, this book offers powerful reminders to protect thosefriendships and keep them healthy. And for the rest of us who long for that companionship,this book is a much-needed and compassionate guide to becoming the friend we a

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