Mistress to a Bachelor On holiday in Majorca, waking from an erotic dream, Jessica is shocked to find herself intimately entwined with a delicious stranger! Zac is also surprised to find a strange woman in his bed, but he likes what he sees. He needs a temporary fiancee and Jessica would be perfect for the job... His Mistress by Marriage Deborah agreed to marry multi-millionaire David Westlake, but, thinking he'd been unfaithful, she ended their engagement. Years later, David reappears, revealing he'll destroy her unless she becomes his mistress! Now he only wants her for her body! Accidental Mistress To save her family business, Emily Quest had dressed to the nines and gone to an awful party, where she'd met a handsome stranger. But now Ethan West, who is as gorgeous as ever, thinks Emily is a good-time girl and he's about to make her face the consequences - in his bed!

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