Based on the Solvay conference, which gathers the leading scientists in the field, this monograph collects review articles from the six topics of the conference, while also including comments, discussions and debates obtained during the conference.The issues discussed at this landmark conference were:* Noncovalent Assemblies: Design and Synthesis* Template Synthesis of Catenanes and Rotaxanes* Molecular Machines Based on Catenanes and Rotaxanes* Molecular Machines Based on Non-Interlocking Molecules* Towards Molecular Logics and Artificial Photosynthesis* From Single Molecules to Practical DevicesIn addition, and this is probably the most novel feature of the book, comments, discussions and debate will constitute a substantial part of each chapter, in accordance with the tradition of Solvay Conferences.Can be clustered ideally with Balzani, Feringa, MacGillivray and the planned book on nanoscale self assembly.

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