This volume is a unique report on the frontiers of subnuclear physics presented by global specialists in a clear and rigorous style.The question of Lattice QCD is presented by R D Kenway, and that of Quark-Gluon Plasma Physics by F Karsch. Quantum Field theory is discussed by R G Dijkgraff, and the status of Local Supersymmetry by M J Duff. Detailed analysis of Supersymmetry in Nuclei is made by F Iachello, and that of Inflation, Dark Matter and Dark Energy by E W Kolb. Compactified dimensions are outlined by I Antoniadis, Horizons in the quantization of the gravitational force by Nobel Laureate G 't Hooft, as also are Neutrino Oscillations by G Fogli and Fundamental Constants by H Fritzsch. The experimental data from BNL and Babar are presented by T W Ludlum and M A Giorgi, those from Fermilab and Hera by Parke and G Wolf. The status at CERN is given by L Maiani for the LHC and by W-D Schlatter for the non-LHC experiments. Highlights from Gran Sasso are presented by A Bettini. This volume also contains reports by a selected group of “new talents” on various topics in the field of subnuclear physics.The proceedings have been selected for coverage in:• Index to Scientific & Technical Proceedings® (ISTP® / ISI Proceedings)• Index to Scientific & Technical Proceedings (ISTP CDROM version / ISI Proceedings)• CC Proceedings — Engineering & Physical Sciences

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