It is often said, "From birth, when you're slapped on the ass, to the day of our death when dirt is shoveled in our face: sadly, the lifetime in-between is pure shit." That's the life the main character, Lampie, is faced with... A roller coaster of a life that she must toil against daily-like a stacked deck of cards, the odds overwhelming. From a father who is a vagabond, thief and murderer all wrapped into one criminal package, Lampie ekes out a life so evil she begins to believe that such a life is normal. Being abused and beaten by ones own father, sold into bondage by your creator is unfathomable to a normal mind. Survival is all that matters in Lampie's world. Death would almost be a blessing if Lampie didn't have a heart that poured out to create a better life for her fatherless children. "From Rags to Golden Handcuffs" will lead you into the heart of the abyss: Unseen Thailand. This novel will have your thoughts and emotions riveted to each and every page. The tears shed reading this Thai novel may be for your own plight...a world that only a Thai could truly identify with. The untold story, that it is... Lampie will take your hand, directing you step by step, through the maze of life that millions of Thais endure on a daily basis. Welcome aboard a journey you won't soon forget.******aaaaaaaaa*a'aE a'aaaaa!a!aa(TM)a!aaaE aa'aa'a(TM)aaa'E aaaa'E a"aE aaaaaaaa-a"a'a!a*a'E a-aaa"a*asa'a!a*a'E a-aaa'aaaa(TM)a'aa'E aaaaa!a*aaaa-aa'aaa'a!a*a'E a-aa'a'E aaaaaaa'aa'a(TM) shoveled a' a(TM)a' asaa(TM)a'aaa-aa'aa : a'a*aa'a, a-aaaaaaa' aSa'aaa(TM)a' a(TM)aaaaa'E aaa'aa'a(TM)aa(TM)asaa'aaa-aE a'a'A ."a(TM)aa'E a(TM)aa*a-aSauaa'a*aa-aa*aaaaaaaaaa, Lampie,aE aaaaaasaaas ... aa-a'aYa'aaa(deg)aa-aaSauaa'a*a-aua'E a'aE a-aE aa*a'a-aa'aa(TM)a'a"a'aa(TM)a*a'E a-aaaasaSauaa'a*aaaaE aaaa(TM)a'aSa'E a(TM)a"aa"aYa'aa'asasa'aauaaaa'a-a(TM)aa-aaaaa'A a"aaaa*a'E a-aa-aa'aa'a(TM)a-aa'E aaa"auaE aaaza'E a-a-aua'E a'aa'a(TM)aaaaa'a!aaa'a!aa'aaaaa*aaaa'E a-a-aa'aaa!a"a'aa'a(TM)aa(TM)aa'E aa'azaa'aaE a-aaa-aaa Ekes Lampie aSauaa'a*aSaa'E aaa'aaa'aza*a'E a-a' aa'a'aE a-a'aa'a'E a!a-aua'E aE aa'aSa*a'E a-aa'E aaSauaa'a*a-aua'E a"aaaaa'E aaa'aa'a(TM)a'aa*a'E a-aaaa*a' a-a'aa-aaa'aaa'aa(deg)a*aua'a"aaza'E a-aa-aa*aaa'a-aaa(TM)a-aua'E aaaa'aa'a(TM)a'azaa*a'A a'a"aaA a'a'aaa'aaaa-aaaa"aE aa-a'aaa'a(TM)aaaa-aaaE a'a*a' aE a-aua'E aaa*a' aaaa-aa'a'E aa-a"a'aa'a(TM)a'aa*a'E a-aa-aua'E a-aaa-aua'E a' a(TM)a'aaaa-a Lampiea*aaa'aa*a-asaE aa' aa'a*auaa' aa'azaa-a'a Lampie a'a!a'E a'a"a'a!auaaaa' aE a-aua'E a'a-a-a-aa'aza*a'E a-aaa'aaaSauaa'a*a-aua'E a"auaaaaaasa'a"a'aaaazaa'aaza'E a-aa-aa'aE a-"aE aaa'aa*a-a"a'a Rags handcuffs aaaa'E aa'aaa'a"a'a(TM) : a(TM)aa(TM)a'aaa"aE aa(TM)aaaa"a'aa'aa'aa' a(TM)aaaa' aE aa-aa(TM)aa : aaua(TM)a'a-aa'aa(TM)a"a'A a(TM)aa(TM)a'aaaa'aa*a'E a-aa(TM)aua'aE aa!auaa-aaaa"aaaa!aa'a"a'aaa-aaa!a"a'A riveted a'aa-aua'E aa(TM)a'aa'a*a'E aaaa(TM)a'aaa-aa a(TM)a'aa*aaaaa'E aa-a'E aa(TM)a(TM)aua'a(TM)aa(TM)a'aaaa'a-aa-aaE aE aa'a!a'E aaaaaasaSaa*aaaaa!aa-aaaa"a'a-a ... a' a(TM)a'aaa-aua'E aa(TM)a'a-aa-aa'E aaa'a-a'aE aa'aa-aua'E aaa!aaa-aa(deg)asaa-aua'E a!au a'aa*a'E a-aa-aua'E asa-aa'aa'E a, aa'E aa!aa(TM)a'aa'a(TM) ... Lampie aE aa' aSa'a!a*a-aa-aaaa"aA a'a'aaaaasaaa"a-auaa(deg)aaa'a(TM)a*a-a(TM)aA a'E aa(TM)a'aaaaaa*aa-aaSauaa'a*aa'aa(TM)aa-aaa(TM)a'a-aa-aua'E a-a"a-a(TM)a' a(TM)aSauaa'a*aaaaE aaaa(TM) aa'a(TM)a"aua*a'a-a(TM)aaasaa'a'E aaaa'a"a'a(TM)a-aaasa(TM)a'aa*a-aaa"aE aa'a!a'E aa*a!a'aa'a a' a(TM)aua'

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