- Insider advice on avoiding the crowds as you explore some of Rome's greatest gems, from the Trevi Fountain to the Vatican. Plus tips for navigating the Eternal City's lovely but less-traveled neighboring towns, like Tivoli and Ostia. - Where to find the absolute best gelato, the most extensive wine lists, a sidewalk table nearby, and the finest pasta from Emilia-Romagna - and, of course, how to snag a great hotel room in high season so you can enjoy it all. - Insightful commentary on Rome's dazzling array of art and architectural masterpieces, from the Pantheon and Colosseum to the glories of St. Peter's. - Opinionated reviews. No bland descriptions and lukewarm recommendations. Our expert writers are passionate about their destinations - they tell it like it is in an engaging and helpful way. - Exact prices listed for every establishment and activity - no other guides offer such detailed, candid reviews of hotels and...

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