You need - and want - to change your management style. So, how do you get started? With Front Line Guide to Creating a Winning Management Style - it puts the power to become the kind of exemplary leader you want to be in your hands. In 13 chapters, the book describes how you can change your current set of patterned behaviors so you can become not less predictable, but more consistent. This book will reassure you that creating a winning management style is well within your capability. It presents the concept of "management style" as a set of attributes you can identify, observe and replicate. You'll learn how to blend your personal beliefs and values with social behaviors modified by what you know in your gut is the right thing to do. The author draws on research involving thousands of managers in some of America's leading professional, commercial, industrial and military organizations. The specific behaviors he identifies can and do lead to managerial excellence. And this hands-on guide will show you exactly how to acquire them.

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