Today's commercial, medical and military electronics are becoming smaller and smaller. At the same time, these devices are packed with more functions and demand more power. This power requirement is currently met almost exclusively by battery power. A fuel cell is like a battery converting chemical energy directly to electricity. The convergence of fuel cell technology and microelectronics is enabling the new design and manufacturing of fuel cells. Fuel Cell Electronics Packaging presents the latest developments in the technology convergence of microelectronics and fuel cells. Using the well established manufacturing methods used in microelectronics packaging, fuel cells can be further fabricated in smaller sizes with higher energy density, at a faster pace and lower cost. This book uniquely addresses this issue. Fuel Cell Electronics Packaging serves as a practical reference guide for engineers, researchers, and manufacturers of microelectronic and fuel cell products who are interested in topics such as: ceramic hybrid separators for micro fuel cells miniature fuel cells built with LTCC technology novel fuel cells fabricated using microelectronics technology fuel cell thermal management Written by a variety of professional and academic sources, Fuel Cell Electronics Packaging is a valuable resource for those interested in the latest advances in fuel cell technology.

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