One of the most frequent questions asked about fun at work is a variation of “Can you have too much fun?” The existence of such a question proves that Americans don’t really know how to have fun and work at the same time. Or should we say, MOST American’s don’t know because there ARE some people who love their jobs, who love to go to work, who get great value out of the experience and put great value into at the work experience at the same time. Such people prove that there IS something called “The Work/Fun Fusion.” Throughout Fun Works, you will find tips, resources, examples, and motivation to make your efforts to unleash the power of fun in yourself, your coworkers, and customers easy and fun! To give you confidence and to help build your case for the naysayer, those chronically on a fun diet, you will find case studies of companies that we believe exemplify the ability to integrate the Work/Fun Fusion and profit too. You will also find thoughts and pontifications from the...

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