With their broad range of properties, polymer blends are widely used in adhesion, colloidal stability, the design of composite and biocompatible materials, and other areas. As the science and technology of polymer blends advances, an increasing number of polymer blend systems and applications continue to be developed. Functional Polymer Blends: Synthesis, Properties, and Performance presents the latest synthesis and characterization methodologies for generating polymer blend systems. This one-stop resource brings together both experimental and theoretical material, much of which has previously only been available in research papers.Featuring contributions by eminent international experts, the book:Reviews polymer blend systemsDetails miscibility enhancements in polymer blends through multiple hydrogen binding interactionsPresents the component dynamics in polymer blend systemsDiscusses concepts of shape memory polymer blendsConsiders ethylene methyl acrylate (EMA) copolymer toughened polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) blendsProvides theoretical insights through molecular dynamics simulation studies for binary blend miscibilityReports on the conformation and topology of cyclic linear polymer blends (CLBs)Addresses strain hardening in polymer blends with fibril morphologyExplores the modification of polymer blends by irradiation techniquesExamines the directed assembly of polymer blends using nanopatterned chemical surfacesCombining background and advanced information on technologies, methods, and applications, this practical reference is a must-have for researchers and industry professionals as well as students in materials science, chemistry, and chemical and surface engineering.

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