This book, based on the lectures and contributions of the NATO ASI on 'Functional Properties of Nanostructured Materials', gives a broad overview on this topic, as it combines basic theoretical articles, papers dealing with experimental techniques, and contributions on advanced and up-to-date applications in fields such as microelectronics, optoelectronics, electrochemistry, sensorics, and biotechnology. In addition, it presents an interdisciplinary approach since the authors came from such different fields as physics, chemistry, engineering, materials science and biology. Some emphasis is given to the field of nanostructured/nanoscaled thin films, again stretching from basic theoretical over experimental (including both, fabrication and characterization) to application oriented topics. A major advantage of the book, which represents the knowledge of experts from 12 countries, is the combination of longer papers introducing the basic knowledge on a certain topic, and brief contributions highlighting special methods and applications.

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