When Brazil won the World Cup in 2002, the secret was out: the Brazilian soccer team is one of the modern wonders of the world. In this fascinating portrait of Brazilian identity, Alex Bellos brings to life not just a sport, but an entire country. With an unerring eye for a good story and a marvelous ear for the voices of the people he meets, Alex Bellos uncovers what Ronaldo called the "true truth" about Brazilian soccer. Alex Bellos is a reporter for the Observer and the Guardian in Rio de Janeiro, where he has lived and worked for four years. 'Compelling...Alternately funny and dark...Bellos offers a cast of characters as colorful as a Carnival parade.' -Publishers Weekly (starred review) 'It's a bonus that Bellos' aim is not just to amuse, but to find meaning and context behind the spectacle...Bellos weaves a tapestry of contemporary Brazil from football threads as divergent as the great Pele and the glamorous Roza FC, perhaps the world's only all-transvestite and colorful.'-New York Newsday 'Required reading.'-Soccer America 'Alex Bellos trace's [soccer's] evolution in Brazil, and emerges with a fascinating portrait of Brazil itself, a land of deep contradictions and an even deeper love for the game that bridges those contradictions...With a seasoned reporter's knack for dredging up curios, he unveils one variation on the game after another.' -San Antonio Express News

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