The Definitive Resource for Up-and-Coming 3D Game ArtistsAlias' award-winning Maya 3D animation and effects software continues to lead the industry in technological innovation and is being adopted by more and more console and computer game developers. The Game Artist's Guide to Maya is an official introduction to creating 3D game art and animations with Maya, brought to you by Maya Press, a publishing partnership between Alias and Sybex. Written by a production artist at a prominent game company, this detailed book focuses on the skills real game artists use daily to create stunning characters and environments.By following the discussions and tutorials, you'll bring a concept through the entire game art development pipeline, learning everything from modeling, texturing, rigging, and animation, to special effects. You'll also glean insights from industry professionals and see how Maya has been used in popular games. If you're a 3D game artist, or looking to become one, this book will help you master the skills and techniques you'll need to excel in the competitive games industry.Inside, you'll learn how to:Create a game model using a concept image as your guideModel with predetermined real-time polycount limitations in mindView martial arts videos on the book's CD to animate your character more realisticallyPrepare a model for texturing with UV mapping and layout techniquesCreate different kinds of texturesMaster the rigging process, from setting up a skeleton to preparing blend shapesPractice techniques for creating animation clips to work with in the Trax EditorUse particle effects, such as sprites and animated geometry, to add pizzazz to your model

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