GEMINI 2012 - The end of the world? Or the end of an era? Dadhichi reveals what 2012 will hold for you. Geminis have amazing mental abilities and are known for their cleverness and creativity, but if you're a Gemini this can have its drawbacks as you tend to over-think and worry. Like your totem, the twins, you are dual in nature - alternately social and outgoing and inward-thinking and anxious. With the use of this book, you will learn which star signs can match your need for fun and adventure, how to best use your creativity and communication skills in the workplace and what to expect in 2012. Your stars will reveal: The true nature of the Gemini woman, man and child Your compatibility with other star signs in the areas of love,friendship and the workplace Ways to harness your career potential and tips for financial success Ways to maintain your health and beauty Monthly and daily predictions for 2012

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