This book is mainly concerned with economic analysis of the labour market status of NESB (Non-English Speaking Background) migrant women in Australia. Newly developed and sophisticated econometric methods are used to analyse the labour market status of both NESB migrant and Australian born women. It shows that NESB migrant women are over represented in occupations that have low pay and poor working conditions. It also shows that they are disadvantaged (and discriminated against) in the Australian labour market due to poor English, non-recognition of overseas qualifications and their late arrival. Our analysis provides many new results, which were not observed previously. This book sheds light on why labour market outcomes appear to be unequal, and what policy measures might be undertaken to reduce the imbalance. Some of the techniques presented here can also be used in a wide range of policy areas in many other countries. Economists, policy and business analysts and market researchers will find this book very useful.

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