The Geographies of Young People traces the changing scientific and societal notions of what it is to be a young person, and argues that there is a need to rethink how we view childhood spaces, child development and the politics of growing up.This book brings coherency to the growing field of children's geographies by arguing that although most of it does not prescribe solutions to the moral assault against young people, it nonetheless offers appropriate insights into difference and diversity, and how young people are constructed.Other books in the series:Culture/Place/Health (forthcoming)Seduction of Place (forthcoming)Celtic Geographies (forthcoming) TimespaceBodiesMind and Body SpacesChildren's GeographiesLeisure/Tourism GeographiesThinking SpaceGeopolitical TraditionsEmbodied GeographiesAnimal Spaces, Beastly PlacesCloset SpaceClubbingDe-centering SexualitiesEntanglements of Power.

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