- Does the topic of governance merit the attention it has been given?- Is governance simply a tool for corporations to ensure they are publicly acceptable whilst privately making ever greater profit?- Is corporate governance an elaborate camouflage for the wealthy to get wealthier and for the poor to decline even further?- Does governance only interest the top management of corporations or is this a subject that should be of concern to all?In response to these questions, The Geopolitics of Governance adopts a broad view of governance by examining the impact of different governance models on society. The book explores the growth and impact of the free market economy on the functioning of various societies and highlights that under conditions of market turbulence, the Anglo American model of corporate governance has become the dominant benchmark. However, the drive for shareholder wealth through transparency of accounting procedures and business processes, policed by non-executive (external) directors, is having a dramatic impact on communities unaccustomed to dramatic changes of corporate ownership and investment patterns. Already, the Anglo American world has the greatest division of wealth amongst the developed economies.Despite receiving ever greater attention, it is argued that the shareholder interpretation of governance is likely to promote greater splits in society. Rather than viewing governance strictly for the domain of the corporation, a broader societal interpretation concludes that the stakeholder philosophy governance models are better able to integrate wealth creation with equity of wealth distribution.What is emerging is a head-to-head between the Anglo American and European models of governance. The irony highlighted in The Geopolitics of Governance is that the change from shareholder to stakeholder ways of thinking and behaving is likely to be played out in the USA, the spiritual home of free markets and shareholder oriented governance.

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