The increasingly urbanized world has created various problems of environment, climate, consumption of resources, and public health, which are closely linked to the side-effects of urbanization such as sprawl, congestion, housing affordability and loss of open space. Fundamental to the urban problems are two separate yet related issues: urban structure and urban dynamics. The chapters collected in this book present an excellent profile of the current state of geospatial analysis and modelling, and demonstrate how these approaches can contribute to the study of various urban issues. The book addresses key themes including new ways of capturing data digitally at the individual level, the development of systems based around networks, the notion of linking hierarchy to networks to morphology as in complexity theory, and the development of new ways of integrating diverse urban processes through simulation paying careful attention to the basic econometric and statistical principles of spatial analysis. With a foreword by Michael Batty and an epilog by Michael F. Goodchild.

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