German Ideologies since 1945 explores the development of German political thought in the post-war period. The contributors analyze to what extent the much debated Westernization and Americanization of German political culture was reflected in or even driven by political thinkers. They also illuminate the complex ways in which older German traditions were abandoned or adapted to the situation after 1945, while Western traditions were appropriated (or misappropriated) to suit German needs. This volume is the first comprehensively to chart the paths of post-war conservatism and neo-conservatism; the first to make sense of the political thinking of the student rebels of 1968; and the first to analyze the development of distinctively German brands of civic republicanism and multiculturalism. The contributors also pay particular attention to the shifting cultural contexts and institutional bases of political thought, such as the peculiar German university culture and the world of intellectual magazines.

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