Soft lips on smooth, supple skin, slender curves interlocking. No wonder girl-on-girl action has never been more popular. From the US hit series the L Word to Sex In The City, sisters have been doing it for themselves. Now Xcite Books, one of the UK's best known purveyors of quality erotic fiction, delves into the world of Sapphic desires in this latest collection. Twenty tales of lip-smacking lesbian action guaranteed to make your next night out with the girls even more fun. Stories include: Toy Story (Lynn Lake), Come Dressed Up (Kitty Meadows), Belonging to Grace (Lucy Diamond), Siren (Beverly Langland), Blood and Bliss (DMW Carol), In The Company of Women (Sadie Wolf), the Choice (Alex Jordaine), Glass Houses (Heidi Champa), Dancing Queen (Elizabeth Cage), Summer Camp (Eva Hore), Losing It (Ashley Hind), City Girl, Country Girl (Kristina Wright), Symmetry (Jeremy Edwards), Holiday Camp Sharing (Mark Farley), Japanese Schoolgirls (Teresa Joseph), Kaz In The Changing Room (Eleanor Powell), Lessons Learned (Lynn Lake), The Education of Clarissa (Izzy French), Naseem (N Vasco) and Meeting Jane (January James).

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