With crime out of control, the Prime Minister brings in new draconian laws, physical punishment and slavery for all offenders, with the punishments and auctions televised live to avid audiences.As the crime rate drops, so the number of prisoners falls, so the Prime Minister needs more victims - which he creates by outlawing prostitution.Fay Mantle believes she is above the law, that her high ranking clients will protect her but she still ends up in the court, sentenced to branding with the terrible letter P, piercing of nose, nipples and labial lips, electric shocks and finally, 50 strokes of the cane, before being sold.All this to be carried out in full view of the cameras over a period of three weeks.After undergoing this and other grievous tortures, Fay is eventually purchased by a Viscount and trained to be his very best pony slave -out of which comes a whole pony racing club and culture - all on TV, of course!

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