A collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes including bdsm, rubenesque, multicultural,m/f, f/f, and role playing.The Girl with the Million Dollar Butt by Elizabeth ColdwellPop singer Ciara isnt too impressed with her managers plan to insure her bottom for a million dollars. She thinks its just a cheap publicity stunt, until she meets the insurance companys assessor, Leo, and realises he has a very hands-on approach to establishing her suitability for a policy...Presenting Eve by Gerome AsantiEve has joined the Agency out of desperation, unsatisfied with her loser boyfriends lack of attention. When the call comes she finds herself presented as a gift from a rich stranger to his exquisite wife for her birthday. Her orders are simple: dress well and do everything the client instructs. Whether or not that extends to the servants is another matter ...Thea by N VascoA bad break up can lead to many things but can one of them be starting a sexy, hot relationship with a tall, shapely Greek goddess?Maybe thats what can happen when an IT professional befriends a sexy, divorced co- worker who just happens to leave a video of herself doing a sensuous belly dance in her computer.Does he show it around work? Does he keep it for himself? Does he post it on a website for all the world to see? Or does he do the right thing and wind up being with the woman of his dreams?A Different Light by Maggie MortonChar has thought of herself as straight for her entire life. That is, until she starts seeing her friend Lauren in a very different light. And then, one night, a miracle occurs - Lauren wants to go to a BDSM club with her. Lauren has no idea what will transpire once they enter the room where all the kinky magic happens, but shes hoping for a little more than just some sexy fun, as shes not only interested in Laurens body. Will she be lucky enough to get to touch Lauren, or will she be even luckier and get Laurens heart, too?Simple Pleasures by Viva JonesLucy and Vicky have a problem their expensive gift shop Simple Pleasures is failing in the recession, and they must either sell up or drastically change their stock. While mother-of-two Lucy has pretty much given up on ever having good sex again, Vicky and her boyfriend Stuart indulge in wild role-playing and sex games. But when a sex toy shes ordered arrives in the post, Vicky suddenly realises how to improve their shops fortunes. And the only way to persuade Lucy is to make her try out the merchandise for herself

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