In many companies credit management is a passive and reactive discipline. This results in significant receivables assets weighing heavily on balance sheets, dragging down cash flow and inhibiting growth. The power of credit is shackled, muted.Release the power and passion of credit management in your company. Proactively squeeze every morsel of value out of receivables and simultaneously, protect your company from the bad debt danger that lurks in the value chain.Harness the power of credit to effectively manage your company's receivables. Immediately make a positive difference in your company, and use this book as a resource for years to come.Reading Global Credit Management will help youwake the sleeping giant on your balance sheetmake receivables earn their keep, just like every other asset.wrest control of credit from bureaucratic processes, grab it by the throat and wring out every drop of value.And last but by no means least, boost the value of your company." of the most intelligent and refreshing expos

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