The Global Crisis Makers is a highly original and provocative study that will be of vital interest to readers world-wide who are concerned about the future of Western civilization. Graeme Snooks argues that we should not be diverted by the so-called East Asian 'meltdown', which is a predictable outcome of global dynamics. Of real concern, however, is that 'hidden crisis' which has been inadvertently engineered by neoliberal economists who dominate the world's financial institutions. They are the global crisis makers, who have convinced governments to abandon strategic leadership and to impose crippling deflationary policies. This endangers the progress of the Western world, by causing a slowdown in economic growth and employment; and its liberty, by causing the frustrated strategists to turn increasingly to the radical right. By again employing the innovative theoretical and empirical work used in his recent books, Professor Snooks shows how the threat to progress and liberty can be overcome.

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