In the coming years, due to the peak in global oil production, financial and political power will gradually shift towards the individuals, companies and nations that are most successful at reducing dependence on non-renewable fuels and that are able to organise large scale transformation of business and society to the use of renewable fuels. So far, small scale tests of new energy systems have been undertaken, but, as a society, our patterns of energy consumption are predominantly determined by structures and systems that we have built and refined over decades of technology development and investment. Restructuring the energy consuming and producing systems of society is a tremendous undertaking that we cannot opt out of. In order to succeed we will need large scale planned projects in combination with market driven change. By learning from past large scale industrial programs and transformations, such as the transformation of US industry to war production during World War II, and the Apollo program, together with the latest practices in change management made by large corporations,this book provides experiences upon which the author defines a set of necessary tools and a plan for large scale, global, energy transformation. Despite the urgency of the matter and the large values that are at stake, the challenge also brings with it opportunities for future economic growth and large scale renewal.

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