Cyclogenesis research is a central issue of meteorology and climatology. This book gives a deep specific view and fundamentally and effectively contributes to the discussion of the problem. It treats cyclogenisis as a stochastic process in a very fundamental way. Since the publication of the first edition of Global Tropical Cyclogenesis in 2001, a number of important scientific results has been obtained using methods and techniques proposed in that first edition. There is therefore a great need for a revised 2nd edition of this book. It is based on scientific findings from the performance of satellite data processing and a series of scientific marine expeditions to the tropics as part of major Russian Science Academy research projects. Professor Eugene A. Sharkov has proposed the main approaches, experimental techniques and theoretical explanations for many scientific findings as well as new methods of satellite processing. He is recognized as a leading scientist in the field of microwave remote sensing of terrestrial surfaces and atmosphere and in nonlinear geophysics (origination and evolution of atmospheric catastrophes) and has published around 100 scientific works on the problems of global tropical cyclogenesis structure and evolution.

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