'. a tour de force in exploring the contradictions and complexities of crime and crime control in a globalised world. From human trafficking and terrorism to global surveillance and security, Katja Aas has done a remarkable job in establishing the theoretical and conceptual parameters of this emergent field of criminological study. Accessible, comprehensive and replete with pertinent illustrations, this text sets new standards for comparative and transnational criminology.'. Professor John Muncie, Open University. 'A rich and timely book, Globalization and Crime explains various complex concepts and developments in understandable terms and in a concise manner without being simplistic at any point. Examples are not merely derived from English-speaking countries, but cover a truly global terrain. General concepts, such as globalization, are all well defined, the glossary is very helpful and further reading sections are simply superb. One of those books one wishes to have written oneself.'. Professor Ren van Swaaningen, Erasmus University Rotterdam. What is the impact of globalization on crime and its control? Globalization and Crime provides a comprehensive and accessible account of the consequences of globalization in the post 9//11 world. It explores crime in the context of increasing international interconnectivity. It explains theories around globalization and how these shed light upon the study of crime. Furthermore, the book examines the challenges the various global flows represent for the nature of governance, state sovereignty and crime control. Presenting an expert and interdisciplinary summary of complex debates, this book addresses a variety of highly topical issues, including: - The global war on terror - Transnational organized crime - Human smuggling and trafficking - Global surveillance and policing - Cybercrime - Immigration. As part of the Key Approaches to Criminology series, Globalization and Crime offers key pedagogic features ranging from chapter overviews and key terms to study questions and suggestions for further debate. Concise and easy-to-read, this book will prove essential reading for students and academics in criminology, sociology, geography and other social sciences. 'The long awaited synthesis of the sociological literature on globalization together with contemporary criminiological theory. It untimitely manages to be both a useful teaching tool, and a significant contribution to contemporary theorizing about the global system.'. Professor James Sheptycki, York University, Canada. 'An indispensable text for criminology students and researchers'. Dr Maggy Lee, Universities of Essex and Hong Kong

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