This volume provides readers with a comprehensive description of phospholipid metabolism in brain, activities of phospholipases A2, and their involvement in neurological disorders. The purpose of this book is to present readers with cutting edge information in a lively manner that is useful not only to student and teachers but also to researchers and physicians. This book has 14 chapters that will describe (1) the metabolism in brain of glycerophospholipids, including those containing a vinyl ether group (plasmalogens); (2) cutting edge information on the properties and roles of phospholipases A2 in the central nervous system; (3) the release by phospholipases A2 of second messengers (arachidonic acid, docosahexaenoic acid, and lysophospholipid) from neural membrane phospholipids and their neurochemical effects on brain metabolism and functions; (4) the involvement of phospholipases A2 in neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders, and the use of phospholipase A2 inhibitors for the treatment of diseases associated with altered phospholipid metabolism; and (5) methods for the assays of phospholipases A2 and their clinical significance.

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