Eugene J. Van Scott and Ruey J. YuBioavailable Alpha Hydroxy Acid in Topical Formulations Ruey J. Yu and Eugene J. Van ScottGlycolic Acid Melvin L. ElsonAcne and Glycolic Acid Melvin L. ElsonThe Treatment of Rosacea with Glycolic Acid Rebecca C. Tung, Wilma F. Bergfeld, Allison T. Vidimos, and Berna K. RemziPrepeeling Regimens Naomi Lawrence and William P. Coleman IIIDermal Effects of Alpha Hydroxy Acids Eric F. BernsteinThe Use of Alpha Hydroxy Acids in Xerosis and Photoaging Marta I. Rendon and Gokhan OkanThe Use of Glycolic Acids in Asian Skin Lenore S. KakitaBody Peels Kim K. Cook and William R. Cook, Jr.Glycolic Acid Peels in Blacks Pearl E. GrimesComparing AHA Products Naomi Lawrence8% Glycolic and 8% Lactic Acid Craig Naugle and Lynn A. DrakeFormulating and Marketing AHA Products for the Global Market Barbara A. Green and Richard H. WildnauerIndex Exploring the use of fruit acids in the restoration and maintenance of the epidermal layer, this reference details the latest cosmetic, therapeutic, and dermatologic applications of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) to reverse the signs of aging, prevent acne, remove dryness and scaling, and correct disorders of the skin. Glycolic Acid Peels offerstechniques to predict the therapeutic potential of topical formulations containing glycolic acid pre-peel regimens for patients displaying signs of melasma, allergies, photoaging, and severe acne tables to compare current alpha hydroxy acid productsand discussesthe use of glycolic acid to reduce the occurrence of acne and hyperpigmentation the slow-release amphoteric system for elimination of skin irritations from alpha hydroxy acids methods to improve the appearance of photodamaged Asian skin the formulation of AHA skin care products for a global marketProviding modern approaches to reduce the appearance of age spots, fine lines, roughness, and wrinkles, Glycolic Acid Peels is a timely and invaluable source for dermatologists; cosmetic chemists; glyco- and chemical biologists; plastic, reconstructive, cosmetic, maxillofacial, and general surgeons; and medical school students in these disciplines.

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