Nearly everyone today must work effectively in a team. The problem is that few people really understand how to build a team that truly takes advantage of the greatness of the individual members of the team. Hence, people become frustrated with the process of teambuilding and just want to give up—but that’s not a smart option. There is a better way. In Go Team! Blanchard, Randolph, and Grazier outline a 3-step process that can help any kind of team transform itself into a Next-Level Team: a team which uses all team members’ ideas and motivation more effectively, makes better use of team members’ and team leaders’ time, and generates benefits for individual team members, the team, and the organization. Using discussions, case examples, and questions to consider, Go Team! shows team leaders and members how to use information sharing to build high levels of trust and responsibility; clear boundaries to create the freedom for team members to act responsibly; and...

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