Gabriel Black is sentenced to prison for a murder he did not commit. In a twisted expression of honor, he takes responsibility for the action of a woman he loves and pays with his freedom.One day in the prison library Gabriel reads about a man with a wonderful family and a successful career who finds that he has been cured of cancer-thus proving, the man says, the existence of God. Gabriel believes a truer test of God's existence would be to find proof of Him in a disgusting, violent, hopeless corner of the world like prison.Gabriel creates a file where he stores any evidence of the divine he comes across no matter how unseemly. In brutal, honest language, The God File recounts the dark comedy of one man's search for meaning.ABOUT THE AUTHORFrank Turner Hollon lives in Alabama, with his wife and children. He is the author of numerous novels, including Blood and Circumstance, The Point of Fracture, The God File, and Life Is a Strange Place, which will be released in 2009 as a major motion picture titled, Barry Munday.

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