The Golem is Gustav Meyrink's masterly 1915 retelling of the legend of the blasphemous creation of an artificial man by Rabbi Loew in the Prague ghetto of the sixteenth century. But Meyrink's novel is much more than a variation on the Frankenstein or sorcerer's apprentice theme. It is also an exploration of personal identity and the horror inherent in the search for self-knowledge. In this brooding, atmospheric story, the monster terrorising the streets of Prague is inextricably bound up with the psyche of the people who live there. This Tartarus edition includes a new Introduction by the translator, Mike Mitchell, and, from the first edition, eight lithographs by Hugo Steiner-Prag, augmented by an additional seventeen from the artist's later portfolio 'The Golem: Prague Fantasies'. It features cover illustration by Joachim Seinfeld.

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