Stop punishing your cat and start praising him instead!Your cat is by nature a clean, fastidious creature--so why has he stopped using the litter box? And what can you do to get him back on track? This book gives you the inside scoop on litter box protocol and how to better understand your cat's needs so you can nip problems in the bud--or prevent them before they start.Good Cat! outlines a step-by-step retraining program for your cat that clearly explains:* How to pinpoint the cause of the problem* Why punishing your cat isn't the answer* The pros and cons of various types of litter and litter boxes* How to teach your cat litter box basics* The best methods for removing odors and stains* How to introduce change without upsetting your catYour cat is trying to tell you something when he rejects the litter box. With this book, you'll discover how to respond properly--so you can say Good Cat!

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