A large and spectacular bird of prey, the Goshawk lives in borealforests throughout the Northern hemisphere. A powerful hunter of largebirds and woodland mammals, it was persecuted for many years by gamekeepers to the point of extinction in the UK. However, escaped falconrybirds led to the establishment of a new population in the 1960s, thoughthe species remains rare and elusive - birders need a combination of hard work and a little luck to see this magnificent raptor. The Goshawk is an authoritative yet highly readable monograph ofthe species. It includes chapters on nomenclature, races and morphs,biometrics, nesting, incubation and chick-rearing, migration, feedingecology, population dynamics, and conservation, punctuated throughoutwith illuminating tales from author Robert Kenwards extensive fieldresearch. The book is packed with illustrations, figures and maps, andcontains a selection of the authors superb photographs of the birds.The product of almost 30 years work, this title is a classic Poyser monograph;birders will enjoy the fascinating insights into the biology of thebird, while academics will appreciate the books comprehensiveliterature review.

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