Design State-of-the-Art GPS/Galileo Dual RF ReceiversThis authoritative guide walks you through the process of designing, fabricating, and testing a highly integrated, low-noise, low-power, and low-cost RF front-end for GPS and Galileo, the leading satellite-based global navigation systems. Everything from standards analysis to characterization of the design is covered in the book. GPS & Galileo focuses on developing seamlessly interoperable receivers that can access the wide variety of new services offered by these systems, such as increased service availability, centimeter-sensitive accuracy, emergency management, and data confidentiality. By the end of the book, you will have a prototype that achieves peak performance in terms of gain, NF, and current consumption, making it suitable for any high-accuracy, portable application.Discover how to:Determine the specifications of an interoperable dual GPS/Galileo RF front-endDesign all RFIC blocks, including the receiver chain, PLL, control logic, and PADsSelect the required external componentsImplement optimal floor planningPerform validation testing of the integrated RF front-endUnderstand real-world fields of applicationGauge the performance of the front-end within a receiver linked to a full-solution platform

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