If you feel imprisoned in your job, a relationship or even worse if you feel trapped in your life then this book - the sequel to The Elephant and the Twig by bestselling author Geoff Thompson - is definitely for you. It offers the ten secrets to loving your life and living your dreams and helps you make the Great Escape from where you are to where you would love to be. You can be anything, you can do anything and you can go anywhere. You are a creator with the magic to create whatever you want from your short stay on this spinning planet, but there is a process that must be observed and a path to follow; this book unveils the secrets to both. But be careful, don't pick up this book unless you are ready to succeed, because once you have read the 10 secrets there will be nothing standing between you and your wildest dreams. The author has used these secrets to take himself from a bedsit in Coventry where he worked as a floor sweeper in a factory to a Sunday Times bestselling writer (with over 20 published books), A West End Fight Choreographer (Hard Fruit at the Royal Court Theatre), a Playwright (One Sock) and a world renowned martial arts teacher. Read about the secret drawing power of Intention and how, once set in motion, it can move mountainous obstacles from your path to success. The secret of using your Influences to fuel your dreams, how the ancient Babylonian art of Tithing can help manifest your aspirations and the secret formula to turn thoughts into physical realities . . . and much more. Buy this book and make the best investment in your own future that you ever made.

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