The demand for leadership that is both competent and principled is essential to a business or an organization. Leadership development expert, Antony Bell, offers an easy workable template involving knowledge, skill and talent combined with the inner qualities of a leader that drive noble actions. Great Leadership is for any leader looking to take charge of his or her growth. This book compiles the research and writings of eminent thinkers like: Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Warren Bennis, Daniel Goleman and John Kotter in order to make leadership development as simple as possible. Bell introduces his "Three Dimensions of Leadership" model, and plenty of practical tools to help assess how to achieve leadership superiority when directing organizations, operations and people. By integrating leadership development with organizational development, Bell demonstrates the results when employees align with the organization's mission, commit to improving their productivity and collectively contribute to improving the corporate bottom line. Contents List of Figures List of Tables Preface Acknowledgments Part I The Foundations for Great Leadership: Clarity From Confusion 1 The Importance of a Leadership Framework 2 The Source of Our Confusion 3 The Complete Picture on Leadership Part II Character in Leadership: Soul, Heart, and Mind 4 The Soul of the Leader 5 The Heart and Mind of the Leader Part III Competence in Leadership: Knowledge, Skill, and Talent 6 The Three Dimensions of Leadership 7 The Mystery of Organizations 8 The Practice of Organizational Leadership 9 The Practice of Operational Leadership 10 The Practice of People Leadership Conclusion: Your Leadership Development Curriculum About the Author Index

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