The days of a job for life or even a career for life are behind us. In today's world of fluid employment many people will seek to change careers at least once during their working lives. This change may be instigated by redundancy, which, devastating as it is, can also be used as an opportunity to rethink where you are heading in your career. Equally it may come out of a growing desire to do something you're passionate about or simply feel you could excel at. It now seems likely that many of us may not retire until 70, or even later, so having a satisfying job is essential. The Great Mid-Life Career Switch is becoming increasingly common. For a growing number of people the middle of their lives will even see the emergence of parallel career tracks: a portfolio career in which an individual pursues several different part-time careers at the same time. An indispensable guide to help you begin your journey to a new career you really enjoy.

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