By luck or by cunning, some criminals evade detection and justice for ever. Of all crimes, the most worrying is the crime that is never solved. The criminal goes free, unpunished, often unidentified. Justice is not done. The friends and relatives of the victim - crimes always have victims - are left without closure. Whoever committed the crime is free to commit another. Law enforcers are pilloried for unsolved crimes for all of these reasons. But excessive haste in identifying the perpetrator can sometimes lead to miscarriages of justice. In the past many suspects have been executed for crimes they did not commit. This book investigates over fifty major unsolved crimes throughout history. CONTENTS1) Medieval Unsolved Crimes before 1500 including William Rufus, Edward II and the Princes in the Tower2) Unsolved Crimes 1500-1800 including Man in the Iron Mask, Assassination of Lord Darnley, Red Fox shooting 3) Unsolved Crimes 1801-1900 including Jack the Ripper, Lizzie Borden4) Unsolved Crimes 1901-1950 including Lusitania and John BodkIn Adams5) Unsolved Crimes 1951 onwards including Zodiac Killings, Lord Lucan, Green River Killer, OJ Simpson

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