He's master of all he sees...including her! Secretary Mistress Greek playboy Aristotle Levakis can have his pick of any woman, so why does his body crave the one woman who should be out of bounds - his prim and curvy assistant Lucy Proctor? He knows there is only one way to overcome this desire - and that is to sate it! Runaway Lover Katie Connor thinks herself immune to womaniser Alexi Demetri until she falls pregnant with this ruthless Greek's baby! Now Katie has no choice but to become Alexi's convenient wife. Trouble is, Alexi won't be content until he's possessed her body...and soul!Dream Proposal Cruising round the Greek islands, Nikos Konstantinos should be admiring their beauty - but he only has eyes for his yacht's entrancing new chef! For independent Sara Andropolous, resisting her charismatic new boss is a full-time job in itself...

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