Caught up in a wave of desire for the gorgeous Greek tycoon... Penniless Bride Finding out he's a father has left billionaire businessman Lukas Petrakides in a bit of a bind. How can he combine his passions in life - business and women - with full-time fatherhood? His solution is simple: Rhiannon, the baby's temporary guardian, will make a very convenient wife... Paper Wife On the eve of his betrothal Stavros Denakis is stunned to discover that the wife he thought he'd lost years before is in fact alive and well. Tessa's timing can't be coincidence, she must want her share of the Denakis millions, but Stavros won't settle. He'll seduce her into staying! Secret Heir Four years before Ava Monroe and billionaire Christos Theakis had shared a brief but passionate affair. For Ava it was life changing - she's raising their son! But Christos believes Ava betrayed him with his own brother. Now his brother is dead and Christos is back for the Theakis heir...

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